Replace a kite strut

If your bladder is leaking you will have to find the hole(s) and repare it, and the hardest part will be to place back the bladder. Here is the technique to use.

Find a place with a bit of space, and a friend that will help you out.

Take your kite, your new or repaired bladder, and a kite line plugged in a stick. Having a stick as a guide will help you to pass the line thru the bladder (canopy part).

All the kite on the market are made on a smilar way, there is a velcro at the very end of the struts that will make you able to take out the bladder.

STEP 1 : Set up the line as a guide

You need to pass a guide (line) starting from the end of the strut, and going out on the valve hole (Photo 3)

Place the sheath vert flat without any twist with the valve hole on the top

Step 2 : Set up the strut bladder.

Place the sheath vert flat without any twist with the valve hole on the top.

WARNING : It’s the most important part.

Preparing the strut perfectly is the most important part to avoid having issue when you will pump it back.

Hernia can appear on top of the bladder if it is not well placed.

If one hernia appear it is not due to the quality of the material used, but it’s mounting issue.

To avoid any it, here is the secret to have it perfectly mount.

You need to fold the top of the strut back into the bladder until you reach the valve. It’s a very easy process.

Step 3 : Tight up the strut and pull

Tight the line around the valve. The knot has to be well made because you will need to pull quite a bit.

Your requested friend will be needed at this step 😉

One of you will guide the strut thru the sheath and make sure to have it perfectly flat, and the other one will pull the line until having the valves coming out of the hole.

Step 4 : Place back the valve and close the velcro

Pull the line until reaching the valve, then place back the valve according to how it has to be placed (Take out the line, it will be much easier to place the valve).

Don’t forget to lock the velcro at the end of the strut.

Do have it done, put the entire bladder part inside then close the velcro.

Make sure it look like the photo.

Now you can pump back your strut. The above part of the valve has to be perfectly pumped. You must not having any twist.

If all is ok, you’re ready to kite again !

Note : If any twist or you’re finding any issue, you will have to start from the start again.


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