Our goal : allow you to go back as quick as possible on the water

Our story begins in 2009 when we meet each other. Our kiteboarding passion brings us together. We have only one objective: to be able to stay as long as possible on the water. Obviously, there is no way to avoid little break on your kite and on other side having your kite repaired from specialists tooks lot of time.
This is why Kitesurfix teams up with the biggest kite brands to avoid them to orders spare parts with endless delays. They provide us all different bladders files to give us the possibilities to solve all the repair and to satisfy their customers.
We have invested a lot on the highest quality machine on the market to reach the best repair standard.  Sewing machine, high frequency welding machine, files printer… Lots of testing, different prototypes to become a benchmark in the European kiteboarding repair market.
With nearly 600 kites per year, we are able to repair everything… from the leading edge leak to the trailing edge seam, we had all the cases!