Replace your old bladder

Custom Kite & Wing Bladder

Kite Bladder replacement made with ultra strong film (100 microns) and valves high frequency weld

Made in FRANCE

Boudin de latte de kite sur mesure pour la réparation

Kite Repair
Bladder maker

100 microns thickness

Adhesive Valve for Repair

Only at Kitesurfix :

Sticker Tear-Aid type A

Production Valves

High Frequency Weld

Réparation de spi dans l'atelier Kitesurfix

At Kitesurfix, we are making new bladder out of brands production files to replace your damaged bladder. We also repair all type of canopy. Since 2010, from leading edge cut, canopy splitted in many parts, cut off struts…, we have been able to repair it, all successfully.

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