Kitesurfix's bladders

Since 2012, Kitesurfix has never stopped to increase the bladder quality manufacture in France. Every day, we are trying to find little details to improve that keep us having the highest quality standard on the market.

Here are the important steps regarding the leading edge and strut.

Resistance film boudin de kite Kitesurfix

With crashes, handling on the beach, packing your kite during travels…

The bladder might have some lesions which damage it.

Therefore, we needed films that were more resistant than the original ones. We have tested thousand of them. And we ended up finding the one that fit us.

100 microns polyurethane film

 20% thicker than the others and especially more resistant!

Most of brands trust us and they allow us to regularly order production spare parts .

We have the original valves supplied directly by the brands.

To prevent the valves from coming loose after a few years, we have equipped ourselves with a high frequency welder. It welds the valves to the film with a technology normally used to manufacture anti-nuclear suits.

You will not be able to unplug the valve after welding!

Mathieu assis sur un boudin de kite

High-frequency welding valves, ultra-resistant film of 100 microns, straight welding of 5 mm bi-active …

All those little details make us proud to be able to say that we have the most resistant bladders.

Tried and Tested !!!