Takoon Wing Bladders

  • Takoon  kitesurf bladders shipped with production valves high frequency welded.
  • Custom Leading edge and struts made for your kitesurf.
  • Made out of the highest quality Pu film on the market.
  • All our products are designed and produced in our repair workshop and factory in France.

Wing Leading Edge and Strut

You would like to repair your wing bladder by yourself.

Here, the leading edge and struts for your Takoon custom made to replace your old bladder!
You can find all the bladders for V1 model.

We have a long term partnership with Takoon that give us the possibility to produce the exact same spare parts (bladders and valves) as production.

It took us a long time sourcing the highest quality material available on the market.

We are using a polyurethan film of 100 microns thickness wich get high frequency weld.

Valves are standard production one. There is no compatibility issue. The bladders are sold complete (with valves weld on it)

If you would like to know how to change your bladders : watch our video!

If you prefer to change your old valves, please find our adhesive valves!

With Kitesurfix, you will get a brand new wing!


We will find solution !

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