How to change broken valve?

During this quarantine we are facing, there is lot of people using this time to double check their product. Sometimes some issues came out of that.

We are here at Kitesurfix to provide you some tips to keep you having your gear in perfect shape.

Valves are the main problem you will facing during a long time not practicing. Do not panic, here are all the steps to change you valves.

First of all, check out our product valves list, and purchase the valve that match with your kite. We have most of the brands available !

Step 1 : Find out the damage valve, and pull out the bladder.

One pump valves are getting used after a long time not using it. Also UV are really bad for valves, it dried the plastic, then the valve break.

Etape 2 : découper ou décoller l'ancienne valve

Pull out the scratch at the extremity of the bladder to untight it. It can be a zip for some brand.

Step 3 : Clean the bladder with solvan F

To have your valve perfectly steaking your bladder, you absolutly need to clean the surface with Solvan F. That solvan is available in any brushstore.

Warning : Do not use any chimical solvan !

Alcohol is useless to clean properly bladders.

Acetone will kill your bladder, do not use this product.

Place inside the hole, a piece of polyuréthane (part of the kit you received) so the valve won’t stick to the bladder opposit side.

Place your bladder as flat as possible on the table.

The goal is to avoid any folds during the valve pose. If you’re not doing this step properly you might create some none hermetic part.

Step 4 : Sticking the valve on the bladder

Now you can place and stick the valve to the bladder.

You only need to unpatch the plastic part and stick the valve on the bladder.

The sticker we are using is extremely powerfull, and once you’ve  placed the valve, you won’t be able to take it out.

Once the valve is well placed, put some pressure on it to finalize the sticking procedure and having it perfectly glued.

Put the bladder inside the kite carefully.

Don’t worries about waiting for perfect adhesion. Your kite is ready to go back on the Water !


We will find solution !

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