How to check your kite bridle?

New article release and we will talk about how to take care of your gear .

We will start with the bridle part. It’s a part of your kite that get used and fragile after using it for a while. When it breaks it’s never at the right moment and you can get yourself in a pretty bad situtation.

Better to check them often.

Different steps of bridles wear

That first photo show the different steps of bridles wear.

From a brand new one until a full damage one.

Most of the bridle are getting used pretty much all the time at the same spots.

In the last quarter of it, where the pulley is sliding most of the time.

With all those back and forward movements the pulley get sharp and slowly cut the bridle.

Also, where the bridle is tight up, it can also be a breakable part. (CF photo)

Make sure to check all those spots very seriously.

Most of the bridles are made out of dyneema protected with polyester. If the dyneema appear, it’s mean that your bridle will brake soon.

Bridles are getting used due to back and forward rotation of the pulley on the bridles. This make the pulley getting very sharp on the extremity (CF Photo).

Make sure to check them often and take out the sand of those pulley too.

On the photo above, you can clearly see the extremity of the pulley getting sharp and thinner.

This is the part that cut your bridles.

Changing your bridles will help for a bit, but the same situation will come back if you’re not changing your pulleys.

On the photo under, you can see a brand new pulley. There is no sharp part on it.

Here is the difference :

So please, make sure to check often your bridles and pulleys to avoid any dangerous situations and some swiming session to get back to the shore.


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